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NSP / Elements HDT Funboard

฿11,500 ฿13,500



Like the name suggests, NSP Elements Funboards are designed to make surfing easy and provide endless hours of fun and enjoyment in the ocean.

These boards are modeled off traditional longboards and feature a full nose, rounded pintail, and a generous well-balanced outline that's both stable and responsive in a variety of surf conditions.

The smooth relaxed rocker on the NSP Elements Funboard range features a little extra flip in the nose allowing you to paddle into waves with ease and confidently drop down the face without fear of nose diving. The vee bottom has been designed to maximize speed while allowing the board to turn and transition from rail-to-rail with minimal effort. A boxy full rail also adds to the overall forgiveness of these boards.

  • co-friendly shape molded SecureCell EPS core.
  • HDT vacuum molded construction
  • Durable epoxy
  • Gel coat skin,
  • Hand polished rails
  • Matt deck and speed finish bottom
  • Enhanced performance and visual appeal
  • Full colour bottom and rails
  • FCS twin tab boxes
  • Fins included with each board


Length Width Thick. vol. Fin
6'8" 21" 2 7/8" 45.2 3xM7
7'2" 21" 2 3/4" 47.8 3xM7
7'6" 21 3/4" 2 7/8" 54.7 3xM7
7'10" 22 1/16" 3 1/16" 57 3xM7


Fins: Included
Fin System: FCS