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Tuflite / Byrne Mullet

฿13,900 ฿23,500

6'3" - White,Blue

Whether you're an entry level surfer or just a bigger dude, turn to the Surftech Byrne Mullet Surfboard for some wave action. Great in poor quality waves where getting over those dead sections are a must, the Mullet features a wide template that has a lot of volume for its size. Shaper Laurie Byrne gave the Mullet a wider nose with a little nose rocker flowing down to a concave bottom and half moon tail. In addition, the Mullet has wing rails that reduce the board's area quickly and produce a combination of drive and maneuverability.

Made with Tuflite sandwich/epoxy construction, the Mullet handles day-to-day use while offering the performance advantages of a lightweight, durable board. Tuflite construction features a watertight, fused-cell core with layers of epoxy/fiberglass, natural cellulose fiber composite, fiberglass lamination, and a hand-finished hot coat. Byrne also gave the Mullet a FCS tri-fin setup for stability, drive, maneuverability, and strength in a wide range of surfing conditions.

  • Shaper Laurie Byrne
  • Ideal for bigger dudes or entry level surfers
  • Wide template
  • Wide nose, little nose rocker, concave bottom
  • Half moon tail with wing rails
  • Tuflite construction
  • FCS tri-fin setup
  • Size/Weight Suggestions: [6ft3in] 165-190lb

Fin System: FCS