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NSP / E2 Classic Cruise SUP - Complete Set

฿25,900 ฿33,200


E2 Classic Cruise SUP


The Cruise is a versatile hybrid Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) designed to perform equally well in a range of different conditions, from flat water through to the surf.

SUP All Rounders are generous in outline and volume, but have a more refined rail profile and advanced bottom contours so they can adapt to any situation.

These boards can be used by Beginners right through to the more experienced Paddler who likes to do it all: short-to-medium distance training, flat water cruising, combined with the excitement of riding a few waves.

Fins: Included
NSP Alloy Paddle: Included

10'2" 32" 4 7/8" 205 ltr 9" Center FCS M3 sides ideal for all weights
10'6" 29" 4 1/8'' 155 ltr 9" Center FCS M3 Sides Up To 75kg / 165lb
11'0" 31" 4 1/4" 190 ltr 9" Center FCS M3 Sides Up To 100kg / 220lbs
11'6" 33" 4 3/4" 224 ltr 9" Center FCS M3 Sides ideal for all weights



NSP E2 Epoxy is the original NSP construction. In 2001 NSP was released with E2 and quickly became one the largest surf and Stand Up Paddle board brands in the world.

The NSP ethos was always based upon incredible durability and value to give people the best experience possible. From the beaches of Waikiki to Cornwall, Japan, Sydney and California NSP’s are everywhere. A huge part of the reason you see so many on beaches the world over are that most boards are still working many years later. It’s common in the most extreme and demanding places like Waikiki where the busiest board hire companies choose NSP E2 as these boards simply last longer than the rest. Combine this with proven designs, light weight and back up service and just as the busiest hire companies choose NSP if you are looking for the ultimate blend of durability, value and performance NSP E2 is for you.

- Securecell water resistant EPS Core
- Vacuum molded micro sandwich Epoxy construction formed by Foaming Epoxy resin and purpose designed combination fibreglass matt.
- Thermoformed ballistic top sheet applied in the moulding process creating amazing ding resistance and lateral strength
- Hand laminated rails following molding to maximise durability in the critical area of the board.
- Include a free deck pad
- Deluxe ergonomically designed Y carry handle on SUP